Saturday, March 31, 2007

Amazing choice of Sporting Goggles

Welcome to just one of our

selection of Sports Goggles



What about those of you who participate in shooting or archery, well we can help you too, just request information in our "Ask Questions" section and we will advise you on the best eyecare solution for your particular situation.

We Look forward to being of assistance


Swimming goggles incorporating adjustable bridge with ultra soft silicone eyecups. The head strap has an automatic locking system for security whilst swimming and diving and is an ideal choice for the leisure swimmer. These goggles can be glazed to your full prescription (up to +/- 6.00)




A stylish addition to our ski range. this slimmer more modern style will siut the younger skier. They come with the unique prescription lens insert which allows a wide range of prescriptions to be fitted. I f you need help with prescriptions please ask for assistance and we will be happy to advise you. The standard colour is blue with grey tinted lens. other lens colours available at additional cost are clear, Yellow, or grey and details are listed in the accesories section of ski frames.


At 7:40 am, Blogger Jaylon Neot said...

It is informative post. Our eyes are one of the most important and sensitive senses in your body, so use of safety goggle when you do swimming. I have this goggles.

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